Best SMS Tracker Reviews 2014

SMS tracker applications (also known as SMS Spy Software) are now available on the Internet and many people are taking advantage of them. The key feature of these programs is the ability to monitor and track text messages. But with so many SMS trackers to choose from, how do you know which one is right for you? And how do you find the one that you need and avoid getting ripped off?

To make things easier for you, below are my top picks for these software applications. Many offer free trials or demo versions, and I recommend you to download and try them before you buy.

Top 5 SMS Tracker Software 2014

Here are the best sms tracking tools I’ve found so far. These sms spy programs do much more than just capture text messages as you will see with the top 5 SMS tracker products that follow. SMS tracker for iPhone without jailbreak finally released – Now you can spy on iPhone text messages without jailbreak.

#1 – Mobile Spy (Best SMS Spy App for iPhone)

mobile spy sms tracker toolMobile Spy is by far the best SMS tracker tool available. This product is backed by Retina-X Studios which has been in the cell phone spy business longer than any of other makers of this type of software. Here are the capabilities that you get with this spy app on the monitored cell phone:

  • Track all incoming/outgoing SMS messages
  • Follow all of its locations with GPS
  • Monitor other messaging apps: Email, WhatsApp, Twitter, Gtalk, Yahoo, and Facebook
  • View videos and photos taken on the device
  • Monitor websites visited on the device’s web browser

These are the main features and there are more. Every activity that takes place on the monitored cell phone with the SMS tracker from Mobile Spy is sent to the administrator’s (you) secure control panel area for later analysis.

Just the fact that the SMS tracker from Mobile Spy can track such a wide range of messaging apps adds value to this product putting it at the top of this list.

Then, if the target cell phone user is messaging through some other app not listed above, it is no problem if you purchase the optional LIVE Control Panel to add on to the basic SMS spy. This is because with the LIVE Control Panel, you can view the screen of the monitored device from your administrator dashboard. In fact, with the screen viewing capability provided by this add-on you can see any activity.

The LIVE Control Panel add-on to the basic Mobile Spy SMS tracker provides much more. With it you get real-time SMS spy updates whereas without it you will be viewing logs from a historical perspective depending on the update interval of the software.

The LIVE Control Panel add-on only adds a nominal extra fee of $49.97 to the total cost of the subscription to the Mobile Spy SMS tracker.

Mobile Spy also offers a 7-day free trail of its product. This is not a scaled down trial either. You get to try out all of the features of this SMS spy free for 7 days plus have access to product documentation and support. It is a totally risk-free answer for those wondering how it all works.

Mobile Spy is also compatible with a wide range of cell phone platforms: Android, Apple iOS (iPhone/iPad), BlackBerry, Symbian, and Windows Mobile.

  • Free SniperSpy PC spy software (Includes remote installation, records chat conversations, web sites, keystrokes and more.) with the purchase of a Mobile Spy’s annual license.
  • Price: $49.97 – $99.97 USD
  • 30 day money back guarantee. (If they can’t get the software to work on your phone.)
  • URL:

#2 – MobiStealth

MobiStealthMobiStealth is one of the better sms tracker programs I’ve seen. As its name implies, it is 100% undetectable and runs in what the industry terms full stealth mode. Stealth operation in an SMS spy product makes it perfect for parents to monitor the activities on their children’s smart devices as well as employers to make sure that company-issued smart devices are used for work only.

With MobiStealth SMS tracker, you not only get the ability to monitor text messages but you also get capabilities to do:

  • Call recording
  • Listen in on the sounds surrounding the monitored cell phone
  • View videos and pictures on the target cell phone
  • Look at website visit history
  • View the details in the cell phone’s contacts file
  • Historical and real-time GPS tracking of the monitored cell phone

Again, there are more features to the MobiStealth SMS tracker but these are the most prominent.

What is nice about the MobiStealth SMS tracking app is that you can do both historical and real-time GPS location tracking of the monitored cell phone. Real-time GPS tracking becomes critical if you ever lose a smartphone or it gets stolen. If it was just lost, you might be able to find it. It could even be in your own home.

On the other hand, if it was stolen, real-time tracking will allow you to do up-to-the-moment tracking of the device. You might even be able to get law enforcement to help you follow the cell phone and aid in its recovery.

Unfortunately, MobiStealth does not offer a free trial, but they do offer a 15 day money back guarantee.

  • Price: $20 – $199 USD
  • Supported: Android, Blackberry, Galaxy Tab, iPhone, Symbian, Windows Mobile
  • URL:

#3 – SpyBubble

spybubble sms trackerAnother SMS tracker that runs in full stealth mode and allows you to discover the truth as to the activities of your child or employee is SpyBubble. This mobile phone spy product has a unique combination of low price while providing the main features of the other vendors.

With SpyBubble you get:

  • A complete SMS tracker system
  • Remote tracking capabilities
  • GPS tracking
  • Live call intercept
  • Capture of surrounding sounds
  • Call recording and history
  • Website URL tracking
  • Photo viewing

Again, there are other features that come with this SMS tracker as well. All logged information is also sent to a secure subscriber control panel for easy viewing by you the subscriber.

With SpyBubble, you get two subscription options: Standard and Pro. The Pro version is particularly useful if you want to intercept a call on the monitored cell phone. It’s called Live Call Intercept. Thus, SpyBubble becomes a bugging tool that is comparable to expensive surveillance equipment used by law enforcement and private detectives.

  • Price: $50 – $85 USD
  • Supported: iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Symbian, Windows Mobile, iPad & Android Tablets
  • URL:

#4 – StealthGenie

StealthGenie SMS SpyThe next SMS tracker on the list is StealthGenie and its name tells you how it runs on the cell phone that you are monitoring—undetectable. It is available for iPhone, BlackBerry, and Android smartphones.

StealthGenie has features like the other SMS tracking programs in that you can listen in and record calls, read incoming/outgoing SMS messages, track GPS location, and capture a history of websites visits. However, it has some special features that might be of special interest to you such as:

  • A wide range of messaging apps it can monitor
  • Alerts and notifications (profanity alert, SIM card change)
  • Capability to listen to surrounding sounds
  • Can find the current GPS location
  • Geo-fencing capability
  • Blocking capabilities (phone numbers, URLs)

StealthGenie is an SMS spy that can monitor now only this type of message but a variety of chat and instant messaging apps. It can monitor Skype, WhatsApp, iMessage (iPhone/iPad), BBM (BlackBerry), and Viber.

Alert capabilities on this sms spyware are nice for the parent or employer who wants to be proactive and deal with problems before they grow. You can configure certain keywords and determine if your child is involved in drug or sexual activity. You can also block phone numbers and websites that you deem are inappropriate for your child to be calling and viewing.

Employers can take advantage of the blocking features with StealthGenie as well. They can block certain functions, put numbers on a black list, and utilize the geo-fencing feature. The latter sends an alert if the monitored user goes outside of a pre-defined clear area or enters a restricted area. This way you can make sure that when employees are out on service calls that they stick to the business at hand.

  • Price: $59.99 – $160 USD
  • Supported: iPhone, Blackberry and Android phones
  • URL:

#5 – mSpy

mspyThe final SMS tracker on the list is mSpy. Here again, this software has most of the same features as the previous four but it has a couple of special ones that make it stand out. If you are looking for a way to not only track sms messages, but also to read their emails, listen to their surroundings, read their whatsapp messages, and more… then you should definitely check out the mSpy cell phone tracker.

With the mSpy cell phone tracking software, you get:

  • SMS tracking
  • App blocking
  • Multimedia viewing capability
  • Ability to view messages from Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, and Facebook
  • Call logging and recording
  • GPS location tracking
  • Utilization reporting
  • Keylogging

As with the other four products, there are many more features included with the mSpy SMS tracker as well. However, the last two features make this SMS spy stand out. They are utilization reporting and keylogging.

From the subscriber mSpy subscriber control panel, you can view graphical reports that show the utilization history for messaging. This makes the SMS tracker a product where you can manage expenses by spotting overutilization.

The other standout feature with the mSpy mobile tracker is the keylogging capability. This is useful for when the user of the monitored phone is utilizing a chat or messaging app that mSpy doesn’t support. With keylogging you can see all text in spite of the particular app used.

  • Price: $39 – $200 USD
  • Supported: iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, iPad, Galaxy Tab
  • URL:

So Which is the Best SMS Tracker Software?

Now, Mobile Spy is far from your only option. Others, namely StealthGenie and MobiStealth, are both fully-featured players in the phone sms spying industry. However, when so many of the features of all of these programs start to overlap and look the same, the choice comes down to a couple of things for most people. The first is cost, and the second is customer service and support.

In the category of cost, Mobile Spy undercuts MobiStealth by a substantial margin. In addition, your license with Mobile Spy is good with any compatible smart phone. StealthGenie, on the other hand, offers competitive pricing, but forces you to purchase individual licenses separately for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry. The other thing that turned me off about StealthGenie was the fact that they offer different tiers of pricing, meaning you pay more for more features. With the other two, most everything is just included from the get go.

In customer support, I conducted an experiment by contacting the aforementioned services through their websites, and Mobile Spy also impressed me here with the quickest response time and no indication of any irritation when I needed to ask questions or get clarification on something.

Heck, Mobile Spy even offers a 7 day trial, something I haven’t seen their competition stepping up to offer, and to me that says a lot of good things about their confidence in their product. As an aside, the interface is sleek and easy to navigate. Check it out for yourself, you’ll be glad you did.