How to Spy on Text Messages

Spy on Text MessagesDid you know it is possible to spy on every text message sent from or received by a smartphone? As a parent, employer, or a spouse who suspects her partner is cheating, this capability is quite useful for getting to the truth about those they are concerned about. The cell phone SMS tracker turns the device that your kids, employees, or partner carries into a portable surveillance tool and they won’t even know it.

Mobile Spy is one of the premier SMS tracker products on the market today and what follows is how to get it up and running in 3 easy-follow-steps.

Is This Legal?

If you are concerned about the legal nature of installing an SMS tracker on someone else’s smartphone, just remember that it is illegal if you are not the owner of it.

Considering this, if you as a parent buy a smartphone for your child then you can legally install an SMS tracker on it. In the same manner, if you are an employer issuing company-bought cell phones to your employees then you also have every right to install an SMS tracker on them.

The Simple Steps to Spying on Text Messages

With the Mobile Spy SMS tracker, as well as other similar products, the steps to enable spying on cell phone text messages are:

1. Buy a subscription to the SMS tracker (Mobile Spy or other product that has SMS and other text message tracking features)

2. Download and install the software on the cell phone that you will be tracking.

3. Get on your control panel and begin viewing the text messages sent from the monitored device.

Each of these steps is explained below however you can see that it is not a long and involved process to get started spying SMS messages with Mobile Spy.

1. Purchasing the SMS Tracker Software

Since Mobile Spy or any other SMS tracker is part app and part service, the first step to using any of these products is to purchase a subscription to it. What makes Mobile Spy particularly attractive is that you cap opt for their 7-day free full-featured trial to give a risk-free evaluation before making a purchase.

Otherwise, Mobile Spy has three pricing tiers for you to choose from: $49.97, $69.97, or $99.97 for a 3, 6, or 12-month license respectively.

2. Getting the SMS Tracker Downloaded and Installed

After successfully making your Mobile Spy subscription purchase, you will be sent an email with instructions for downloading and installing the SMS tracker app on the smartphone to be monitored. You will need to get physical control of the device to do this.

3. Seeing It All Through Your Subscriber Control Panel

The last step in getting up and running with the Mobile Spy SMS tracker is to use your login credentials to access your secure control panel and begin viewing the logs sent from the monitored device.

Other Features with the Mobile Spy SMS Tracker

An SMS tracker such as Mobile Spy is really a feature that is part of the total package offered by the product. Thus you get these other powerful tools for a comprehensive cell phone monitoring solution:

  • Phone conversation recording capability
  • Phone call event logging with contact and date/time
  • Logging of all websites visited on the target smartphone
  • Snapshots of the contacts file
  • Collection of all photos/videos taken on the device
  • Listen to surrounding sounds or take a stealth photo from the device with the LIVE Control Panel option.
  • Keep tabs on the monitored device’s location with GPS tracking

sms logs

There’s several more features that can be added to this list with the Mobile Spy SMS tracker as well. Furthermore, you can get real-time tracking capabilities with the optional LIVE Control Panel add-on for only $49.97 added to the price of a 12-month subscription.

Mobile Spy SMS Tracker Compatibility

Another nice feature of the Mobile Spy SMS tracker is that it is compatible with a wide range of operating systems and these are:

  • Android OS starting at v1.5 and above
  • iPhone’s iOS beginning at v3.1.3 and above
  • Windows Mobile v6.x (Standard and Professional Models)
  • BlackBerry OS v4 and higher (with the exception of v10 at the present time)
  • Symbian S60 Editions 3 and 5 as well as Symbian^3 up to v9.5

It is obvious that the Mobile Spy SMS tracker is a well-rounded solution when it comes to spying on cell phone text messages and other functions needed to get to the truth. Plus, with its 7-day free trial option, you really cannot go wrong by giving the product a serious look.

Don’t be a victim to the lies and half-truths that your child, employee, or cheating spouse can perpetrate on you with an unmonitored smartphone. Visit the Mobile Spy website quickly and get back in control.