Using an SMS Tracker to Catch a Cheating Spouse

One of the uses for a software app known as an SMS tracker is to catch a cheating spouse. The concept behind this is to install an app that runs silently on the cheating spouse’s smartphone and capture all of the SMS messages exchanged between her and the affair partner. This way, everything is in writing and the truth will be known.

Catch a Cheating Spouse

Your cheating spouse carries a smartphone but if you don’t have an SMS tracker that runs silently on it all sorts of problems interfere with you finding out the truth such as:

  • Sending SMS text messages to the affair partner unbeknownst to you
  • Deleting SMS messages to cover tracks
  • Using SMS to lie over whereabouts
  • Spending free time absorbed in SMS chats
  • Incurring incredible expense because of SMS utilization

Once you install the SMS tracker on her smartphone, you start getting the SMS messages sent to your subscriber control panel which will reveal a wealth of truths and confirm your suspicions.

The Features Provided to You with an SMS Tracker

Actually, the SMS tracker is a feature of an app known as a cell phone spy. The other features provided by the cell phone spy include:

  • Logging of voice calls made to and from the monitored device
  • Tracking the GPS locations where the device is or has been
  • Collecting the full text of all emails received/sent
  • Tracking all websites visited from the smartphone’s browser

Cell phone spy packages are sold by vendors such as Mobile Spy, mSpy, MobiStealth, SpyBubble, and others. Their features combined with SMS tracking allow you to get to the bottom of any cheating affair.

How the SMS Tracker Catches the Cheater

The SMS tracker works with the other features of a cell phone spy in the following ways:

  • You can see the context of all messages from your control panel
  • The messages reside in your subscriber area even though they were deleted from the smartphone
  • Checking a message with the current GPS location exposes lies
  • You will know why your spouse is pre-occupied and doesn’t want to speak to you
  • Once caught, the reduction in SMS messages can save you money

Keep in mind that even if your cheating spouse deletes the SMS messages on their smartphone that you still have a copy of it viewable from your subscriber control panel.

Also consider that SMS message exchanges can be quite expensive depending on your cellular service plan. Thus, once you catch your cheating spouse with the cell phone tracker, the frequency of those messages is likely to decrease.

It is important to get to the bottom of an affair if you think your spouse is involved in one as quickly as possible. By intervening quickly you may be able to salvage your marriage or at least get out of it before more damage is done.

Your cheating spouse more than likely carries a smartphone wherever she goes and this is where an SMS spy can be a great help to you for getting at the truth. Don’t leave yourself vulnerable in this situation. Go to our website and order your SMS tracker without delay.