Using SpyBubble SMS Spy Software to Read Your Kids’ Messages

SpyBubble SMS SpyThe SpyBubble SMS spy product is powerful when it comes analyzing the SMS as well as other message traffic on a phone that is running the tracking app. Parents want to know what their kids are discussing and oftentimes messaging is preferred over voice communications because of its discreet nature. SpyBubble spy software enables parents to get around the discreetness of their child’s messages and find out what he or she is up to.

How it All Works

SpyBubble SMS spy software works by running silently on the target phone that is being monitored. In this case it would be your child’s phone. You must get a short spell of full control of the phone in order to install the app.

After installation, all SMS, email, and WhatsApp messages will be sent to the SpyBubble servers and stored for later viewing by you, the subscriber, on your own private control panel. Additionally, if you are running SpyBubble on a Blackberry or iPhone you will be able to see BBM and iMessage chats respectively.

What you will see from your control panel is the date, time, recipient, sender, and full text of each ingoing/outgoing message on the target cell phone.

Think of the Volume

Now that you have a general idea how SpyBubble spying app works consider the volume of messages that you may receive. It may be easier to view these messages offline. It is no problem with SpyBubble because you can export the data as a .CSV file that can be imported into Microsoft Excel.

What Are You Looking For Exactly?

Once loaded into Microsoft Excel, you can do searches on certain words that would clue you in as to what is going on with your teenager. You can search on words like “glass”, “rock”, “weed”, and others that would indicate drug activity. It would be a similar process if you think your teenager is getting alcohol from his friends.

The search possibilities are endless once you have the data in a spreadsheet format such as .CSV. Exports can be initiated from the SpyBubble control panel.

Then there are the sexual predators that are out there that happen to get the contact information to your child’s cell phone and your child may be getting unsolicited messages of wanting to meet. Your child may be hesitant to alert you about these messages.

monitor your child text messages

1. Discussing It with Your Kids

At some point, you must confront your kids about the messages that you see. If you want to maintain the stealth mode of the SpyBubble SMS tracker running on their phone then you might have to say that you picked up their phone the other day and saw these messages.

Confrontation is never easy but it must be done. With SpyBubble, you will at least have the exact facts in front of you.

2. When Your Kids are in Danger

As mentioned before, SpyBubble SMS spy software is not only about trying to catch your kids in wrongdoing. It is about using your wisdom as a responsible parent to detect when your kids are getting pulled into a dangerous situation.

By confronting your kids early you can prevent much bigger problems such as addiction, traffic accidents, abduction, and all sorts of crimes against youth that you hear about on the nightly news.

3. The Expense of Excessive Messages

Depending on the service plan of your kid’s cell phone, SMS messages could incur additional charges. Some plans give a limited number of free messages each month and then charge when the limit is reached.

With SpyBubble, you as a parent know the specifics of their plan and you can raise the flag when you see excessive use. This will no doubt save you a bundle of money in the long run.

Do You Tell Them?

Whether or not you tell your kids that the SpyBubble SMS tracker is running on their phone depends on your family situation. Some kids seem to be in trouble quite often because of friends who are a bad influence while others are the studious type and never in trouble.

Then there are some cases where just the knowledge of SpyBubble SMS spy software running on their phone will deter any misbehavior.

In any case, you as a parent need to keep the upper hand when it comes to cell phones, messages, and your kids. Buy this feature-rich SMS spy product today and realize peace of mind when it comes to your children.

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