Want to Spy on Any Android Phone?

StealthGenie Android MonitoringFor those wanting a cell phone tracker on Android phones, StealthGenie provides top-notch, feature-rich, support for these devices. Installation of the resident Android spy app on the target cell phone is clean, quick, and easy. Plus, you get several real time monitoring features that you can configure to meet your needs exactly.

Puts You Back in Control

StealthGenie for Android puts you in full control of the target cell phone that you are monitoring or, as they say, spying on. The purchasers of this product are parents and employers who have an interest in making sure that those they have charge over don’t use their Android phones for purposes that they are not intended for.

Easy and Clean Installation

This cell phone tracker app is easy to install on your Android device. You have two choices for installing it: watch their video on the StealthGenie website or follow their written guide.

You download the app just like you would any other after paying the subscription for the product. StealthGenie goes one step further and cleans off the files used for installation of the app on the target device thus ensuring your tracking activities will not be detected.

This video will take you through the entire installation process of StealthGenie for the Android OS.

The Real Time Features that Protect You

The Android spy product works in real time which means you know in an instant when events are taking place that require your interest or action. The real time services provided by StealthGenie include:

  • SMS when the person leaves or enters a location
  • Interception of live calls
  • Background sound recording
  • Reverse phone number look-up
  • Alerts on SIM swapping

If tracking the Android phone of an employee or teenager, you might want to know where the person is at certain times. You also want to know that the same person is avoiding certain restricted areas. StealthGenie can send you an SMS message to alert of movement events defined by you.

Being alerted due to SIM swapping is especially helpful when it comes to real time monitoring. SIM swapping is a trick used by some so that they can do what they desire on their phone with another SIM.

Completely Configurable

StealthGenie for Android is completely configurable so that you can customize the receipt of target phone information exactly to your goals. Some of the powerful configurable options include:

  • Configure numbers and email addresses to alert you
  • Geo Fencing to set boundaries for notification
  • Trigger words
  • Set alerts to send you an SMS and/or email to you
  • Parameters to view a variety of chat applications

Configuration of email addresses and numbers is part of the real time SMS spy function. You get notified when the target phone receives messages from those you have configured.

Geo Fencing allows you to set geographical areas where the person should and should not be. When they make the transition between these areas, you get notified.

Setting trigger words is another powerful feature. You might have a teenager running with the wrong crowd and want to be alerted to words such as “whiskey”, “weed”, or any other that you would want to receive an SMS for.

There are many private chat apps out there that utilize encryption to keep conversations private. On the Android, these include WhatsApp, Viber, Gtalk, Skype, as well as others. You can configure the parameters to be able to intercept conversations in each of these apps.

Once you have StealthGenie Android spying app installed on the target phone, you have total access to it through your own web and server-based control panel known as MyGenie. Keep in control and don’t allow your loved one or employee misuse the phone that you provided. Get a StealthGenie subscription for Android and get back into control.