What Can You Do With Mobile Spy?

Spy on a Cell Phone Undetected with Mobile Spy

The phrase “spying on a cell phone” sounds intriguing like something out of an action spy thriller but it is available to you today and it’s more “real world” than you think. Now you have a solution to the uneasy feeling that came upon you when you bought your teenager a smartphone for her birthday.

Or, maybe you have your own business and your employees need smartphones instead of leather portfolios to meet with clients (the smartphones can hold so much more information). You know they need a smartphone but you still get the same uneasy feeling.

Well, there is no need to worry. You can relieve your uneasy feelings with the solution available for smartphones from Mobile Spy. Mobile Spy lets you track the activities on Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, and Symbian smartphones. It is the ultimate in mobile phone tracking software.

What You Can Do

mobile spyThere is a wealth of information that you can get from Mobile Spy installed on a cell phone. Some of the interesting tidbits you can get include:

  • Determine whom the phone user is communicating with
  • See Facebook messages
  • See YouTube posts
  • Find out where the phone user is at
  • See what the target user is looking at on the screen

You can see with whom your teenager or employee is communicating with. This includes both voice and SMS communications. Your teenager may be communicating with those that are potentially dangerous. Likewise, your employee may be sharing confidential information from your business in hopes of getting hired by the other employer. It sounds far-fetched but it happens. You don’t want to get blind-sided by it.

Mobile Spy records all of the logs, SMS messages, websites visited, incoming/outgoing calls, and more on a target phone and sends these snapshots back to the company’s server at 30-minute intervals along with a GPS location and time stamp. When you as a subscriber log into your Mobile Spy control panel you have access to everything recorded and can browse it for analysis.

Added Capability with LIVE Control Panel

LIVE Control Panel is available as an optional add-on from Mobile Spy and it boosts your spy capability to the highest notch possible. It basically adds real time monitoring to an already powerful set of features.

This add-on is for when you want to do more than record activities and analyze the data after the fact. With LIVE Control Panel, you can instantly:

  • View the screen on the target phone
  • Know where the phone is located via GPS tracking
  • Send an command to sound the alarm on a phone in the event it is lost or stolen
  • Lock the phone
  • Take a snapshot from the target phone’s camera via a command from the control panel
  • Listen to what is happening in proximity to the phone via a command from the control panel

This list is not exhaustive. There are several other tools at your disposal when you purchase the add-on LIVE Control Panel.

Not Only About Spying

While stealth spying is usually the focus of spy software on mobile phones, Mobile Spy can be used to increase the security posture of your device. With it, you can take security measures such as:

  • Back up history and logs
  • Wipe data and contacts to prevent disclosure
  • Deter a would-be thief
  • Keep your employees or teenager within bounds

The possibilities are many and only limited to your imagination.

The Security Provided by Mobile Spy

mobile securityFor many, their cell phone is an extension of their office. Today’s smartphones can hold practically every document and contact a person would need in meetings with clients or just working off-site to get away from the interruptions. Imagine if the logs of phone calls, SMS messages exchanged, and emails with attachments were lost. With Mobile Spy, the information from the target phone is logged on your designated server area and is accessible by your control panel.

You can also take immediate action when you discover that your phone is lost. From the control panel you can send a command to lock the phone and even sound an alarm if you think it was stolen. The alarm can even come in handy if you think that your phone is just hiding in your room.

Keeping it From Happening

For some, the very thought that they are being monitored is enough to keep them from partaking in activities that they shouldn’t. Thus, Mobile Spy is not only a cell phone monitoring tool but a deterrent as well.

For example, a potential cell phone thief is unlikely to take a phone that he knows has Mobile Spy on it. Some employers make it clear to their employees that the phone they are being issued has Mobile Spy on it. Thus, a thief roaming around the office probably wouldn’t pick up a company phone knowing that it will be locked from the control panel as soon as it is discovered as missing.

These are just some of the ways you can spy on a cell phone with Mobile Spy. Download the product, try it out, and begin protecting the valuable phone in your charge today.