ChamSpy SMS Tracker Review

chamspy app

ChamSpy is one of the most popular mobile monitoring software applications that allow you to easily track, on a minute-to-minute basis, what your children, or even employees, are doing on their (or, your) cell phone or device. It boasts and ever-growing collection of features (25 total), and offers 24/7 access to customer support via your choice of phone call, email, live chat, or Skype.

ChamSpy has a lot going for it right now, and it’s steadily growing in popularity as one of the higher quality mobile spy software applications on the market. Here’s a bit more about ChamSpy and what it can offer you and your family.

What Makes ChamSpy Unique

It’s no secret that quite a few sms tracker software applications are now available on the market, and that they all basically offer the same benefits and features wrapped up in a different package. And each claim to be the latest and greatest – ChamSpy included.

So, what makes ChamSpy stand out from the competition? What does it offer that other mobile monitoring companies don’t offer?

No-Jailbreak Solution. You can now spy on their iPhone without a jailbreak using the ChamSpy No-Jailbreak solution. All you need is the Apple ID & Password of the target iPhone.

10-day Refund Policy. Refund policies are practically unheard of in this particular industry. ChamSpy’s the exception. They give you 10 days to try out their software. If you’re not 100% satisfied, they’ll give you a full refund.

Top-notch Security. ChamSpy uses a 256-bit encrypted cloud storage database to store customers’ target phone’s information (everything you can see through your control panel). It’s accessible 24/7, and keeps everything 100% safe.

5-star Customer Support. If you have any questions, or you would like to chat with a live person, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the ChamSpy team, they are available 24×7 over phone, live chat and email.


ChamSpy Features

  • Phone call and text message monitoring. ChamSpy allows you to monitor all incoming and outgoing phone calls and text messages from the comfort of your own computer. In addition to monitoring calls, you can also view history logs of all of the previous phone calls and text messages made sense you installed the software on the phone, regardless of if they were deleted.
  • Monitor Skype and WhatsApp chats. Regardless of your child or employee’s messenger app of choice, ChamSpy allows you to see what they’re saying and whom they’re saying it to.
  • Block websites and apps. Instantly block websites and apps that you don’t want your child viewing. You can do both through your control panel.
  • Remotely lock the target device. ChamSpy lets you remotely lock the device from your control panel. That way if the phone is stolen or lost, you can prevent access to it.
  • Other features available with ChamSpy include viewing call history, reading emails, GPS location tracking, photo and video viewing, incoming phone call restriction, and more.


More Important Information About ChamSpy

ChamSpy works with iOS and Android devices. It’s also compatible with all of the major American cell phone networks, including Verizon, AT&T, Virgin Mobile, T-Mobile, and Sprint.

You gain access to all of the features and benefits with a monthly payment of $29.99. There are no hidden charges and no secret fees that seem to come out of nowhere.

Click here for more information about the ChamSpy sms tracker software.

chamspy app

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