Gizmoquip SMS Tracker Review

Gizmoquip SMS TrackerYou may search for good SMS trackers in the Google Play Store, and Gizmoquip is sure to be within the results. In this Gizmoquip SMS Tracker review, we will discuss how this app can help protect the people you love.

What is Gizmoquip?

Gizmoquip SMS Tracker allows you to track and monitor an Android device. It is the number one SMS tracker in the Google Play Store. There are many features, which we will discuss below, that make this application the number one choice among parents. This SMS Tracker has the ability to log all incoming and outgoing SMS, MMS and text messages. It also tracks all calls and GPS locations.

Parenting can be hard, but Gizmoquip is a robust app that provides parents with comfort in knowing their children are ok. Think of Gizmoquip as another set of eyes, that are always with your children. It’s the best way to monitor them from afar. They get to enjoy the freedoms that you give them, while you ensure they do not break any of the rules.

In this review, you will see how Gizmoquip has become one of the most popular parenting tools available.


This app will have to be downloaded directly to the Android device that you are tracking. If you download it from Google Play, the app will show a notification icon on the status bar. Here is what it looks like on the phone:

gizmoquip notification icon

You have the choice of using the application in stealth mode, but this will have to be downloaded from Gizmoquip’s website. This version is called System Health, and will keep your tracking completely hidden from the user.

As you set up the application, it will ask you for an email and password. This will tie the device to your online account. When installation is complete, you will be able to view all the logs from an online dashboard. This dashboard can be accessed from any browser by logging into All monitoring is done from a remote location, so the only time you will need the device is to download the app.

Gizmoquip Dashboard

Key Features

Gizmoquip is unique in its offerings, and most known for its GPS abilities. This is a great way to ensure your kids or employees are where they should be. Here are some of the key features you will get when using Gizmoquip SMS Tracker.

SMS Tracking – Will record all SMS messages that are sent or received. Logs will include the message, date, time, where it was sent, who sent or received it, and where the tracked device was when the message was sent or received.

MMS Tracking – Have access to all multimedia messages. Logs will include who sent or received the message, as well as the date, time, content and location of the tracked phone.

Browser Tracking – All sites that are accessed, as well as location, date and time will be logged.

GPS Tracking – Every time the phone is in use, the location will be logged. It also gives you the ability to set times to note the phone’s location, even if it is not being used. Plus, you can track the phone in real time at any point.

Call Tracking – All incoming, outgoing and missed calls can be logged. Logs will include a contact number, time, date, and call duration. It will also give you the GPS location when the call was made or received.

Download Gizmoquip SMS Tracker from Google Play

Currently, the Gizmoquip sms tracker app is only available on Android devices. If you want an sms tracker for your iPhone, I highly recommend mSpy.

We all want to build trust in our kids, spouses, and workers, but the digital world provides a lot of temptation that could lead to lifelong consequences. Technology is a great thing, when used appropriately. If you have an employee or loved one that you feel needs to be monitored, it is now possible.

There are thousands of apps available, which track and spy on mobile phone use, but they are not all created equal. Its important that you take the time to understand the features that are offered, and how it can help you find answers to questions that are lingering in your mind.