How can I check someone’s call history online?

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Do you suspect that your child is talking with the wrong sort of poeple? Has your partner been behaving strangely recently? Is it possible to know why your worker try to hide something? Instead of stressing about the potential risks, the best way is to check someones call history online and prevent unwanted communication. If you are curious about how to check someone’s call history online, just follow this simple guide.

Importance to track call history

As a parent, knowing the call history of your child can help you understand how much time your child actually wasted on the phone instead of doing their studying. If you find out any suspicious or nuisance calls, you can block them and prevent unwanted communication. The sames goes for you to track your partner’s phone call. You can know if he/she is cheating on you or making phone calls with other woman/man. Likewise, you might suspect that an employee is stealing secrets from your company. A simple way to find out the truth is by tracking the calls on target phone.

check someone’s call history online

How to track someone’s call history via spy app?

The most recommended way to check someone’s call history is by spy app. You can get insight into every piece of information on target phone and identify signs of digital dangers like cyberbullying, predators, phishing and much more. Although various options are available, Chamspy comes at the top of the list of the best spy apps.

This feature-rich monitoring tool enables you to view all incoming and outgoing calls. You can check call duration, timestamps, name and number of calls made. Thus, you can know who your child is talking with and ensure he/she has fallen in with the wrong crowd. You can ensure your partner is not cheating on you and understand couple relationships better. Employers can make sure that the employee is still loyal to you and protect company interest.

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If you find that there are often strange phone calls that cause harassment to your child, such as advertisement and nuisance calls, you can simply block them. Just go to the call record page, add the phone number you want to limit and click “Block” button to successfully block unwanted calls.

In particular, it runs in the background with no notification. It means that no one will never find out you are tracking his/her call history. The lightweight app doesn’t take up much space or slow down the phone. You can keep an eye on all digital activities without being found.

Chamspy can do much more than call history tracking. This app is capable of tracking text messages, social media activity, locations, calendar events, browser history, videos, photos and much more. It’s an all-in-one remote monitoring app. Get this app and see how it work for you.

It works with both Android and iOS device. You need to register your account with email and install the app on target device following the instructions. Once done, log in to your account and access “call” option to check call history.

How to track someone’s call history via network provider?

If you are not ready to install a new app, you can check someone’s call history through network provider. This method is easy to use but the only downside is that you need to know someone else’s account name and password. Take Verizon for example.

Step 1. Visit Verizon website at in a web browser

Step 2. Log in with the target’s account and password

Step 3. Enter the verification code sent to target mobile number and complete the registration


Checking someones call history helps keep tabs on things like with whom the other person contacts and how frequently. Doing so is a fairly easy task with the help of spy apps like Chamspy. You can know every bit of data on target phone and avoid potential dangers like scams, cyberbullying, phishing and much more.

chamspy app

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