How Can PhoneSheriff Monitor A Teenager’s Cell Phone?

chamspy app

Smartphones are a very popular form of communication for teenagers. Parents typically supply their teen with a Smartphone so that they can keep in contact with them. Cell phones often become the root of many problems, according to parents. Teenagers tend to use their cell phones excessively, and ignore rules that parents put into place regarding their cell phone usage.

Monitor A Teenager’s Cell Phone

Teens have a habit of posting pics of themselves, or sending text messages that contain content that is inappropriate. So what is the solution? There is an advanced technology called PhoneSheriff that can monitor all the activity of your teen’s cell phone.

Monitor Features

PhoneSheriff has won numerous awards for their outstanding monitoring abilities. This software offers an array of features that will allow parents to know what is happening in their teen’s life. It’s no wonder this cell phone monitoring software has been ranked #1.

Here are some of the features that PhoneSheriff’s customers are raving about.

1. Application Filtering

Any app that is not approved can be blocked. Especially useful if your teen is excessively using an app, and it keeps them from doing their daily task.

2. Contact Filtering

Parent’s can separate out their teens contacts by placing them on a white list or black list. The white list includes contacts that are approved, and the black list is contacts that are disapproved.

3. Time Restrictions

Parents can set time limitations that will ensure that the cell phone is not used during specified times. The whole cell phone can be shut down, or calling can be turned off between the time frames that are set.

4. Geo-Fencing Alert

PhoneSheriff uses the GPS feature of the cell phone, and allows parents to set up designated areas that they are allowed to go. If they step outside the approved area, the parent will be alarmed.

5. Profanity Alert

An alert will be sent to the parent if any inappropriate words are used, or explicit material is sent from their teen’s cell phone.

6. Intrusion Alert

If someone tries to get any type of information that is stored on the phone, an alert will be sent out.

7. Remote Locking

The phone can be locked, unlocked or erased from a remote location.

8. Remote Uninstall

If the software is no longer needed, it can be uninstalled from a remote location.

9. Real Time GPS Tracking

Parents can track their teen by using the GPS tracking feature. This is done in real time as well.

10. Internet History

Retrieve a log of the websites that have been visited, and also block any sites that are not approved.

11. Call History

Retrieve a log of all incoming and outgoing calls. Also have the ability to block any contacts.

12. Apps Installed

Get notification when new apps are installed.

13. Photos and Video Logs

Retrieve all photos and videos that are sent or saved on the phone.

These are just some of the amazing features that PhoneSheriff can offer you. Stop wondering what is going on with your teenager, and get the answers you need to set them on the right path.

chamspy app

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