How do I use Google Latitude?

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Google offers a series of online services that make life easier. Its location service called Google Latitude enables users to share the whereabouts of friends and specific persons. For those of you who may be new to the concept of location sharing, it can be difficult to use Google Latitude. Thus, this guide aims to discuss how to use Google Latitude and the importance of using this fantastic tool. Read on to learn how to do it.

How to find someone using Google Latitude?

Google Latitude offers you a simple way to keep in touch with friends and family. It enables users to know the location details of themselves or anyone else in any part of the globe. The tracking is done with the assistance of Google account through which the cell phone location will be mapped on Google Maps. Here is a step-by-step instructions to use Google Latitude:

Step 1. Launch Google Maps

Step 2. Press the menu and select Join Latitude. If this option doesn’t appear, choose More and then Labs. You will find the latitude option here.

Step 3. Contacts in your phone that have Latitude enabled will populate Latitude’s Suggested Friends area. If none appear, simply press the Add button up top to search for friends in your contacts.

Step 4. Adjust your location and check-in settings

Step 5. When going out to your first Google Place, press the check mark near the top right corner

Step 6. There are additional settings that can be adjusted for each person you add to Latitude. Just select your friend’s name and you’ll get options to adjust update times or the location you share.

how to use Google Latitude

Why you need to use Google Latitude?

There are some cases where you need to utilize the Google Latitude. One can point out his/her friends quite easily in a huge crowd of shopping mall or other busy places. It helps to track their location with just a single click. You also can track out a missing kid. The parents just need to pin in a smartphone running Latitude on to the kid’s picket.

Why people are looking for Google Latitude alternative?

While Google Latitude features are available for you to locate someone’s whereabouts, there have been a few user complaints about the difficulty in using Google location sharing. This function also can be disabled by users to protect their location information. Moreover, many users would like to have an app which can better protect their kids and add an additional layer of protection.

The best alternative to Google Latitude – Chamspy

Chamspy is a cell phone tracker especially designed for parents to keep an eye on kid’s phone activities and ensure their safety. It is available for both Android and iOS devices. Not only can you track your kids’ location in real-time, but also view location history along with latitude, longitude and detailed timestamp. Follow the steps to track location:

Step 1. Register your account with email

Step 2. Install the app on target device following the instructions

Step 3. Log in to your account and access location option


From here, you can determine the physical location of your kids or family member. You’re also given option to set virtual boundaries for target device and receive notification when your kids enter or leave a designated area. You can set geofence around home, school or workplace. This feature is pretty useful in emergency case.

Apart from that, it lets you track call logs, SMS, videos, photos, browser history, social media app, keylogger and much more. Parents can get complete control over target device and identify signs of digital dangers like cyberbullying, phishing, sexting and more.

If you don’t want your kids to know you are tracking them, you can hide or remove the icon. This app runs in the background and leaves no digital traces. It neither slow down the phone nor drain much battery. No one will find out Chamspy is running on his/her device.


Google Latitude gives you the ability to instantly share your location to help others find you. It can be used to track your kids’ location and make sure they stay safe. You also can try a cell phone tracker like Chamspy to keep tabs on kid’s phone activities and protect them from various threats.

chamspy app

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