How does spy apps work?

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With the rising trends of cybercrimes, you may find yourself in a situation where you need to use a spy app and track target phone activities. It helps to know about the hidden facts that a person don’t know but want to know. Some people install the spy app but may wonder how does it work. If you are the one who asks, how does spy apps work, you can find the answer in this simple guide.

How does spy apps work

What are spy apps?

The sole purpose of a spy app is to secretly monitor and obtain information about someone’s phone activity. It can range from phone calls and text messages to social media chats and other relevant information.

There are various spy software available online that offers multiple tracking features. If you feel suspicious about the activities, you can clear your doubts by installing an app and secretly spy on target phone.

How does spy apps work?

You start by choosing the correct monitoring software and you need to ensure that it is compatible with target phone and operating system. You register your account and install the app on target device. When you sign up for the spy software, you will receive a user name and password giving you access to the online dashboard. Now you can log in to your dashboard and view the reports.

You can view the information from any web browser using any device which has an internet connection. The data is stored securely online and you are in complete control of it.

As you can see, most of spy apps offer various powerful features that one need to spy on target device. Some of the great spy app features should include:

  • Read sent and received text messages, including deleted ones
  • Pinpoint the exact location and view location history
  • Set geofence and get alert when the target crosses the boundaries
  • Look through browsing history
  • Access all activities on social media apps
  • View photos and videos
  • Remote control ability

It doesn’t require rooting or jailbreaking to use most features. However, rooting or jailbreaking is necessary for some advanced features. In particular, spy apps work in stealth mode. It runs in the background with no notification, so nobody can know that you are spying. You won’t interfere with his phone activities.

How does the spy app help?

If you suspect that your partner is cheating on you or he is now a different one by his acts or interest, it’s better to check phone activities before heading toward the conclusion. Likewise, some il-intentioned employees may sell trade secrets to rivals and you can check the phone provided by company and find out the truth. More importantly, parents can keep track of kids’ activities and ensure their safety as various online threats such as cyberbullying, online predators, phishing are lurking on the internet.

Is it legal to use spy apps?

The very first thing you need to be aware of is about the legal restrictions and possible ramifications that you can face if you use a particular spyware. You should make sure that using the application is legal in your area. Also, you need to go through the license agreement of the spy app that you decide to go with to spy on  your kid or a cheating spouse.

How do I remove a spy app from my phone?

If you have raised enough suspicion that someone has installed spy app on your phone without your consent, the next step is try to remove it. First and foremost, you should change all your passwords! The most common mistake people do with credentials is have one password for all their accounts. If someone has your password, they can install the app on your phone. Therefore, changing your password is your first line of defense.

Another way of removing spy app is to run a factory reset on it. This method will wipe out everything from apps to your contacts and saved settings. It is one of the best ways to ensure that you get rid of all spy apps that might be present on the device.


Spy apps are designed to keep track of target phone activities and protect your loved ones from online threats. You can have a better understanding of how does spy apps work in this blog. Before you use a spy app, it’s advisable to learn about the legal restrictions. Or if you suspect that someone has installed spy app on your phone, you can follow the guide to remove it.

chamspy app

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