How to block Facebook on phone?

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Facebook, the social media giant, can be a great place to improve your online presence, start your business and keep connected with friends. It does come with its own dark side. Kids who spend too much time on Facebook can be distracted from their studies. Even worse, they could be the victim of cyberbullying or online threats if without supervision. There is a dire need to block Facebook on phone and keep your loved ones safe. In the following guide, we will discuss feasible ways to block Facebook on different devices.

Reasons for blocking Facebook

Popular social media sites like Facebook can be a huge waste of time, especially in the workplace and at home. Employees may waste time chatting with friends or share confidential information with rivals, it’s advisable to block Facebook installed on company-owned phone and increase productivity.

Likewise, if kids spend too much time on Facebook, it can distract them from studies. Moreover, kids can post too much personal information on the social network. Bullies and online predators can utilize these information to harass and do harm to naive individuals.

How to block Facebook using spy app?

The most effective and hassle-free way to block Facebook is using spy app. It’s highly recommended to use Chamspy as it’s the smart blend of performance, ease of use and security. You can stop your child from accessing Facebook on either Android or iOS and provide overall security for your child. Here are some remarkable features of this fantastic tool:

  • Monitor social media app – It lets you keep an eye on all activities on social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and more. It enables you to monitor messages, group chat, photos and videos shared on Facebook.
  • Block apps – It gives you access to all apps and games installed on target device. You can block access to certain apps like Facebook.
  • Access browsing history – You can check website URLs, visit frequency, last visit time and bookmark.
  • Capture keystroke – You can know what the person had typed on target device. It allows you to access shared messages and search phrases.

As you can see, this app provides protection against any distractions that can stop your child or other family members from performing their work or study and offer them a safe online experience. You don’t have to be tech-savvy to use this app. Simply register your account with email and install the app on target device. Once done, log in to your dashboard and access various options.

Particularly, it runs in the background and leaves no digital traces. This lightweight app neither slow down the phone nor consume much battery. Your child will never find out you are tracking his/her device.

How to block Facebook on Android

If your child is using Android phone, there are plenty of options to restrict unwanted sites. All of them require blocking Facebook via the browser you’re using or with the help of a designated application. Take Firefox as an example.

Step 1. Launch the browser and go to settings

Step 2. Select Browse for Add-o0ns and look for the Block Site

Step 3. Add the plugin of your choice to the Add-ons of your browser

Step 4. Navigate to Settings again and open your add-ons. Select the necessary plugin from there and open it

Step 5. Enter the website address you want to block

How to block Facebook on iPhone?

Facebook usage is not limited to a PC and it is widely used on iPhone devices. If you want to block Facebook on iPhone, you can utilize its parental control feature.

Step 1. Launch Settings app

Step 2. Tap General > Restrictions

block Facebook on iPhone

Step 3. Enter the password when prompted

Step 4. Visit the Websites option and you will get an option named as Never Allow

Step 5. Add the Facebook website address to block it and then finally press the Done button the complete the process.

However, you cannot perform this action remotely and you need to remember the restriction password. In case you cannot recall the password, you would have to erase the device.


Having performed the above steps correctly, you can block Facebook on phone. It’s best to choose a spy app like Chamspy. This tool contains full package of options that you need to spy on another phone. It helps eliminate the annoying problem of employees’ lack of focus caused by Facebook and protect all-around protection for kids.

chamspy app

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