How to check someone’s location on iPhone?

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Finding someones’ location has never been easier with the help of advanced tools. Native features of Apple enable users to check someones location on iPhone but there exists some limitations in these methods. Fortunately, a few third-party apps are capable of tracking the location of your loved ones and ensuring their safety. Let’s take a closer look at them.

check someone’s location

Way 1. Track someone’s location on iPhone via Chamspy

Our first and recommended option to check someone’s location is by cell phone tracker. The market features varieties of options and you can choose one that matters to you. However, few of them actually work and you will end up wasting your time and revealing your personal information. That’s where Chamspy comes in.

Chamspy is a reliable and feature-rich cell phone tracker that keeps track of your loved ones and ensure their safety. It works with all iPhone and iPad running iOS 9.4 and above. To check location on iPhone using Chamspy, follow these steps:

Step 1. Create an account by using your email

Step 2. Install the app on target device

Step 3. Log in to your account and visit location option

From here, you can track someone’s current location and view location history. It allows you to check location time, address, latitude and longitude. Thus, you will know where exactly your loved one has been and ensure he/she did not visit dangerous places.

Apart from location tracking, you can set geofence perimeter for target device. If your kid enters or leaves the target device, you will receive a notification. You can set geofence around home, school or workplace. It helps protect your kid when you are not around and ensure they don’t risk going to places they shouldn’t.

The best thing about this app is its stealth mode. It stays hidden on target device without any notification. This lightweight app doesn’t take much space or slow down the phone. Thus, you can check someone’s location on iPhone without being found. It is also capable of tracking SMS, call logs, calendar activities, browser history, videos, photos and much more.

Way 2. Track someone’s location using Find My iPhone

Apple devices provide users with native service called Find my iPhone. It mainly helps locate the lost or stolen phone or see someone’s location. If you wish to check the location on iPhone, the target device should be linked to your iCloud account. To track someone’s location, you can follow these steps:

Step 1. Go to Settings > iCloud > Find my iPhone and turn it on

Step 2. Go to the official website of iCloud. Log in to the iCloud account that is linked to the target device.

Step 3. From the welcome screen of iCloud, go to the “Find my iPhone” option

Step 4. Get a list of all the devices linked to the account. Simply select the device you wish to locate.

It will display the exact location of iOS device. This service is quite easy to use but it has a limitation. The user of target device can disable this feature anytime they want.

Way 3. Track someone’s location using Find My Friends

Unlike Find my iPhone is used to locate the target device, Find my friends is a social location sharing feature. It enables users to share their locations with others so that they can locate their whereabouts as they go about their day. Simply download Find my Friends and get started. To track the location of your loved ones, you have to make sure that this app is installed on your iPhone and target device. Follow the steps below to check someone’s location:

Step 1. Launch the app on your device and tap on the contact picture to enable the Share My Location

Step 2. Go back and tap on the “Add friends” option. Provide the name of the person you wish to add

Step 3. Select the contact and send them an add request. You can also choose how you wish to share the location.

Step 4. Take the target device and accept the request. Also, enable location sharing on the device by following the same technique.

Step 5. Enable notifications on your kid’s phone as well. You can get alerts whenever they leave or arrive.

Once you set it up, you can simple check someone’s location on iPhone. It will display the location of all the added friends on a map. You can tap on a contact to know their accurate location. Kids also can turn off this feature anytime they want.


In this blog, we have introduced you three feasible ways to check someones location on iPhone. All of them can help you easily determine the location of your loved ones. If you want to prevent your child from disabling the settings, it’s advisable to utilize a cell phone tracker like Chamspy. You can get someone’s exact location and ensure their safety.

chamspy app

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