How to detect spyware on Android phone?

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If you suspect that someone is spying on you and want to detect spyware on Android phone, you’ve come to the right place. As you can see, spies and hackers are everywhere, digital devices being their ultimate tool of the trade. Don’t worry, you have greater opportunity to get rid of spyware. We are going to introduce feasible ways to detect spyware on Android phone.

spyware on Android phone

What is spyware?

In simplest of the terms, you can consider spyware as a spying software whose main intent is to spy on target phone and sen information to someone else. In most cases, it is installed on your device without your knowledge. It attaches itself to your operating system, running in the background without any traces.

How do spyware get on your device?

Spyware can get on your device in several ways. Firstly, it could be installed deliberately by someone else to track you. More likely, the spyware accompanied a program or app that you installed yourself. Sometime, it comes packaged with video games. It may even come packaged in a software bundle with useful programs. Moreover, spyware might be propagated through phishing- sending emails with links that, when clicked on, download the spy program.

To avoid getting spyware, you’d better keep your operating system updated. It can help fix those weak points that hackers can use to get in. Or you can put a screen lock on your smartphone and use strong password to stop authorized access. Furthermore, maintaining adequate anti-virus and anti-malware protection on your devices is also a good choice.

How to detect spyware?

Even if you cannot find the spyware program, you may be able to detect signs of it. For example, if your phone is switching on and off abruptly or you frequently hear strange sounds from your device, there could be someone trying to spy on your phone. Look out for the following clues:

  • The phone running slower than a snail
  • Unexpected advertising messages or pop-ups
  • Excessive data usage
  • Batteries becoming depleted more quickly than usual
  • Difficulty logging into secure sites
  • Anti-virus and other safety software not working

How to detect spyware

Is spyware good or bad?

Anyone who find themselves in a position to use a spyware should know that this type of software can easily be misused. It should not be used to exploit a person’s privacy. It is illegal and should never be practiced by anyone.

However, there are some situations where you can use spyware for legal purposes. It’s legal to use the software as long as you own the device and the person using it is fully aware. As a parent, you can track your kid’s device, and it’s up to you to disclose it to them as long as they are minors. Parents use this tool for the safety of their children and family.

On the contrary, various large companies and small businesses also track company-owned device. Some need to track company devices to ensure employees stay on route and don’t waste time on paid hours. Please note that employers can only track the mobile device provided by the company but not personal device.

How to remove spy app from Android phone?

If you’re sure that someone has installed spyware on your device, the next step is how to remove spy app from Android phone. It is effortless to remove the spyware from your device. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Change your password

Sometimes it becomes very terrible if someone you shared password is using your account for any wrong needs. They can access to your all account. it’s advisable to change your password and ensure your device’s security.

Reset your device

The easiest way to remove the spyware is reset your device. Factory reset phone comes with a feature which allows getting the default settings. While doing this will wipe off your all data, you should take backup of all your data which can recover after the phone resets.

Update your OS

This method can stop the malware app from expanding and tracking you any longer. If your device’s brand has recently launched the new update of OS, this way could be helpful.

Or you can use a robust malware or spyware removal software to clean your phone. After you’ve removed spyware, clean your internet cache to eradicate any remaining traces of the spyware.


Spyware can be misused by hackers or ill-intentioned people. If you have suspicions that someone is spying on you through the Android phone, you can use the above methods to fight spyware. They can help you detect spyware on Android phone and remove it easily. We hope this article can be helpful!

chamspy app

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