How to know WhatsApp chat history of others?

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WhatsApp has remained one of the most popular messaging app due to its unique features and convenience. Both adults and kids can easily access to it and keep connected with friends. However, with its growth, parents are worried about kids falling into cybercrime traps while using this app. They may wonder if there is a way to know WhatsApp chat history of others. Here, we’ll discuss the importance of checking WhatsApp chat history and how you do that.

Why you need to check WhatsApp chat history?

Kids are exposed to a lot of things when they start using social media like WhatsApp. Cyberbullying, predators, sexting are all kinds of dangers lurking everywhere. Online predators are lurking around social media in search of innocent kids to have them share their personal information. They chat with kids in a casual chat room to earn their trust and get them to share information that might be used against them. Apart from online threats, kids who spend too much time on WhatsApp can be addicted to it. It’s advisable to know WhatsApp chat history to avoid potential dangers and reduce screen time.

How to view WhatsApp chat history of others?

Phone spy apps offer you a convenient and effective way to view WhatsApp chat history of others. They’re easy to use and can work on different platform. Parents can know what’s going on in kid’s life, and employers can know if employees are working properly. Take Chamspy as a specific example.

Chamspy is a powerful and reliable spy app that is capable of checking WhatsApp chat history of others. It’s available for all smartphones and tablets running Android 4.x and higher. All you need to do is register your account with email and install the app on target device. Once done, log into your account and check chat history.

Read WhatsApp messages

It allows you to read all sent and received WhatsApp messages. Even if a message is deleted, you still can get access to it by logging into your account.

View multimedia files

With Chamspy, you can track multimedia files including photos, videos and pictures. You can check if someone else sent inappropriate images to your kids.

Detect suspicious text

You’ll be able to get instant alert on specific keywords or phrases, and view all the content that includes inappropriate words. You can easily know if your kid is searching for information on sex, violence, drug or other content that isn’t suitable for your kid’s age.

Block certain apps

If you find out any suspicious activities or you don’t want your kids to be addicted to WhatsApp, you can restrict your kid’s access to certain apps.

Can you monitor other messengers with spy apps?

This all-around monitoring tool enables you to monitor several other messengers like Facebook, Telegram, Tinder, Kik, Line and much more. You’ll be able to view all incoming and outgoing messages on these popular social network.

What benefits can you get from WhatsApp spy?

It’s not an easy decision for most people to monitor another person’s WhatsApp chat history. However, if you’re still wondering whether using a spy app is the best move, here are some benefits it can give you.

Stealth mode

With Chamspy, you can monitor the other person’s chat history undetected. It stays hidden on target device without triggering any notification.

Build better relationship

You can manage situations with the other person more effectively. You can get insight into your loved one’s state of mind and know what to expect from the person.

How to check WhatsApp chat history of others for free?

It’s not easy to get WhatsApp chat history of others for free. You’ll have to restore the person’s chat history from a Google backup drive or a local backup file. However, restoring chat history is only possible if you have access to the person’s number, and the correct credentials to access the person’s Google Drive.


As you can see, it’s rather easy to know WhatsApp chat history of others if you use a reliable spy app like Chamspy. It lets you know the reality about what someone is doing on WhatsApp. Thus, parents can give the best advice to kids regarding the various dangers on the internet.

chamspy app

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