How to monitor internet activity on wireless network?

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Some users may be surprise to find that wireless network lies tons of valuable information, from unencrypted files containing personal data to devices. It lets you take a peek at what people are doing on your Wifi and dig a lot of useful information. If you’re interested in how to monitor internet activity on wireless network, simply follow this guide. Here are some feasible ways to check internet activity.

Why you need to monitor internet activity?

When running a wireless network, you’ll probably want to know what internet activity is performing through your routers and servers. For instance, parents need to know which websites were visited by kids as they can come across harmful content when surfing the internet. Those inappropriate content can have a negative impact on kids’ mental health so it’s necessary to monitor internet activity and prevent unwanted exposure.

Similarly, employees may waste time browsing the non-work related websites and slack off during office hours. Even worse, some of them may share confidential information with competitors that can put a company at a loss. It becomes necessary for business owners to check internet activity and protect company interests.

How can I monitor internet activity on wireless network?

The easiest way to monitor internet activity is by using wireless router. It stores all sites users visit, even ones that were accessed through incognito mode. For this to work, you need to be able to enter your router settings page. You will need to know your IP address to proceed. Follow the steps to check internet activity:

Step 1. Open Run and type CMD, then click OK

Step 2. Type IPCONFIG/ALL. Let Command Prompt execute the command

Step 3. Scroll down the results to Default Gateway. The IP address will be an 8-digit number.

router credentials

Step 4. Try logging in using the most common default router credentials: admin/password or admin/1234. If it doesn’t work, you can check online and find the default credentials for your specific wireless router brand and model.

Step 5. Take NetGear as example. Click Logs under Content Filtering. You need to pay attention to the IP addresses for the Source. Using the information, you can track the person is visiting which website.

Step 6. Click Attached Devices under Maintenance to see

Now you know how to monitor internet activity on wireless network. If you want to prevent the person from visiting inappropriate websites, you can block sites and services on your router. Simply click Block Sites under Content Filtering. Here, you can enforce restricted websites by entering keywords you want to be blocked. You can choose to restrict websites based on a schedule.

How to monitor internet activity using spy app?

If the person is using the device that’s not connected to the wireless network, you still can monitor internet activity. Spy app lets you keep an eye on all activities of target device. When you do a Google search, you can find various options available. However, Chamspy stands out from the crowd as it is easy to us and delivers guaranteed results.

This spy app is available for both Android and iOS devices. All you need to do is register your account with email and install the app on target device following the instructions. When the process is completed, you can log in to your dashboard on any web browser and access various options.

It gives you access to someone’s internet usage. You can check website URLs, last visit time, visit frequency and bookmarks. Even if the person happens to clear the browsing history, you still can get access to it by logging into your account. You’ll know which websites were visited by the person and protect your loved ones from harmful content.


Aside from that, you can create an alert keyword list and get notified if inappropriate keywords are used on target device. You can easily know whether your kids are searching for information on sex, drug, porn and violence. In particular, it works in the stealth mode so you can monitor internet activity without being found.

Using Chamspy, parents can identify signs of digital dangers like cyberbullying, phishing and predators, and protect kids from getting into trouble. Business owners can ensure employees are working properly and they are still loyal to you.


By following the above steps, you can easily monitor internet activity on wireless network. The advantage of this method is that there isn’t any software installed on target device. If the device is not connected to the router, you still can check internet activity by using a spy app like Chamspy and get complete control over the content they’re accessing. Simply pick the one that matters to you.

chamspy app

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