How to monitor text messages on another phone?

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In the digital era, it’s a tough job to know what’ s happening on someone else’s life, even those of your loved ones. However, sometimes you need to peek into someone’s life and cross the boundaries for their own good. Monitoring text messages from another phone is not recommended but there could be specific reasons for doing so. Whatever the case, you can find the answer about how to monitor text messages on another phone in the following guide.

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Can you read someone else’s text messages?

Believe it or not, one can easily read all your text messages without letting you know and vice versa. Various spy apps are available on the market and they are made for that purpose. Most of them are paid spy apps, the free spy apps work to some extent but they can’t be trusted. The developers of free apps are unknown and these apps can leave malicious content on target device. It’s recommend to use a reliable app with favorable price.

How to view text messages from another phone?

The most recommendable and reliable spy apps for the users is Chamspy app. It is the best and ultimate choice for users who want to gain a complete control over target device. It is available for both Android and iOS devices. It can be used to get an evidence of your cheating spouse or to spy on your kid’s activities. Follow the simple guide to monitor text messages:

Step 1. Create an account by using your email

Step 2. Install the app on target device following the instructions

Step 3. Log in to your account and visit “text messages” option

Once you set it up, you can read all sent and received text messages. Even if a message is deleted, you still can get access to it by logging to your account. It enables you to check contact number, name, picture, time stamps of each text made. You’ll know who your kids are chatting with and prevent unwanted communication.

monitor all activities on social media apps

Other than that, you’ve given options to monitor all activities on social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Tinder. Messages, group chat, multimedia files, timestamps of each conversation made can be available. If you detect any suspicious activities, you can simply restrict your kid’s access to those apps.

It is not just the messaging app you would have a control on, you will also be able to access their photos, videos, browser history, location history, call logs and much more. This app gives you an insight into all the information stored on the phone and you can keep your loved ones safe from potential risks.

Its stealth mode enables you to monitor the above digital activities without their knowledge. It stays hidden on target device without any notification. No one will find out this app is running on his/her device. Now you can spy on text messages from another phone.

Why you want to see someone’s text messages?

Being able to monitor text messages from another phone, the doubtful ones will be able to clear their doubts and the concerned ones will be able to rest knowing that their loved ones are safe. As a parent, you will be restless what’s happening in your kid’s life. You want to stop them from getting involved with bad people that could bring harm to them. On the contrary, we never tolerate cheating in relations but you can see text messages and make sure that he/she is not cheating on you. Similarly, if you suspect that your employee can cause damage to your business by selling out business secrets and information, you’d better see the text message on the phone provided by the company and find out the truth.

Is it legal to monitor text messages?

Actually, it’s illegal to read, spy and monitor someone else’s text messages, unless you have ownership over the cell phone that you want to monitor. Moreover, if it’s the case of your kids, you have parental authority. You monitor kids’ online activities for the sake of their online safety. More importantly, if you’re the business owner who want to see text messages, you cannot monitor employee’s personal device. You can track the phone provided by the company and gain the employee’s consent.


Now you know how to monitor text messages from another phone through spy apps. With the help of Chamspy, you can see all text messages and any other relevant data stored on target device. The parenting task can be easier and company interest can be protected.

chamspy app

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