How to set parental controls on Samsung tablet?

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Parental control becomes a necessity as online dangers are on the rise and some kids are addicted to smart devices. Luckily enough, some advanced applications and software make it possible to set parental controls on Samsung tablet. However, not many people know how to do that. If you are curious about how to set parental controls, just follow this guide.

Set up Kids Home

One of the best options to set parental control is to install the Samsung Kids Home feature. This is only available for phones or tablets running Pie OS. It is easily accessible from the drop down menu. It comes with powerful features for you to set parental control. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1. Pull down the notification panel and slide left

Set up Kids Home

Step 2. Tap on Kids Home so as to run the setup. Then, tap “Start” to download

Step 3. Tap “Next” to set the PIN

Step 4. This PIN enables you to check the usage summary and your kids won’t be able to exit the Kids Home panel without entering the PIN.

Step 5. Once done, the main interface will be displayed

Step 6. Tap Settings from home screen and see the “Parental control” option

Once you set it up, you can set further rules like setting daily playtime, viewing app activity, allowing or blocking content, etc. This method is pretty easy to use and kid-friendly. However, it offers limited features and only works on Pie OS.

Control Google Play Purchases

Another way to set parental control is lock down Play Store settings so they don’t make unexpected purchases without asking you first. To do this, you need to open the Play Store app first, tap the Menu > Settings. In the pop-up window, tap For all purchases through Google Play on this device. Now your child won’t be able to make any purchases without entering your account password.

Set Content Restrictions

Google Play also has some settings that allows you to set up content restrictions. Your child cannot download any age-restricted app, movie or other content on Google Play. To set this up, open the Play Store app. Tap the Menu > Settings, select parental control options and type a PIN number for Play Store downloads. Finally, tap each content type and adjust the age appropriate level where you want the PIN verification to activate.

Utilize parental control app

The most suggested and reliable way is to utilize a parental control app like Chamspy. It’s a comprehensive parental control app for all smartphone and tablets running Android 4.x and above. It’s well designed for parents and caregivers to assess the content their kids encounter and produce across text messages, social media, browsing history, calls and more. Steps to set parental control on Samsung tablet are as follows:

Step 1. Choose the subscription plan and proceed with the purchase

Step 2. Receive an email with the login and password to your personal control panel, log in to your panel and find the installation instructions

Step 3. Launch the target tablet’s browser, type in the link for downloading Chamspy and continue with the installation

Step 4. Once completed, set parental control on tablet

Chamspy stays hidden on target device so that your child will never find out this app is running on his/her phone. You won’t interfere with their phone activities. It has a 24-hour trial for the first attempt. Here are some main features it can offer:

  • Access installed apps and block certain apps
  • Look through browsing history
  • Monitor social media app like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram
  • Check call logs and block unwanted calls
  • Keep track of every stroke on target device
  • Create your alert keywords to get notified if inappropriate keywords are used on target tablet



To set parental controls on Samsung tablet, you can choose one of the above mentioned methods. All of them can effectively help you manage and control what your kids do on their tablet. If you are looking for a more powerful and feature-rich tool, Chamspy can be a better option. It provides you with all necessary information and protect your kids against online dangers.

chamspy app

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