How to spy on someone’s Instagram activity?

chamspy app

Both adults and kids are active in Instagram and regularly share new images and videos, tagging their location. This popular social network isn’t only about posts and stories, but there are also other features you should keep a close eye on them. Let’s say, about child safety, employee productivity and your partner being unfaithful. Luckily, you can spy on someones Instagram activity with the right tools. Let’s discuss it in details.

spy on someone’s Instagram

Why people want to spy on Instagram

Kids are so much drawn to photo-sharing application Instagram for entertainment and social news. It worries parents as they are vulnerable to predators and cyberbullies. It is natural for parents wanting to access their kids’ Instagram and keep an eye on it. Likewise, if you don’t track your spouse’s Instagram activity, you’ll never find what he or she is hiding from you. Moreover, to make sure employees working efficiently and honestly, employers may utilize a tool to monitor their employees’ Instagram activity.

Is it possible to spy on someone’s Instagram

As you feel the need to spy on someone’s Instagram, the next step is learn how to do that. Some people may utilize online account hacking tools to access Instagram. However, they often end up requiring you to either install or buy some dubious apps. It’s likely to result in a waste of time and money that’s not going to give you the answers you were hoping for.

Another way to see someone’s Instagram activity is by social engineering and password guessing. But the chances of these solutions working as you want them too are meager. Even if the above methods don’t deliver guaranteed results, it’s still possible to check Instagram activity.

To effectively spy on Instagram activity, you can take advantage of spy apps. It is something you can install on the phone in order to monitor most of the activities going on the device. It requires physical access to target device to install the app. Once the process is completed, you’ll be able to monitor social media, text, call logs, browser history, etc.

How to see someone’s Instagram activity

There is a plenty of good spy apps out there and they have different features, prices, installation processes, compatibility. Among the many options available, probably not all of them can satisfy your specific needs. Just a few of these software can let you monitor someone’s Instagram activity.

Chamspy is definitely the best choice for you due to its performance and various features. It works for both Android and iOS devices. You just need to register your account with email and install the app on target device following the instructions. Once done, you can start monitoring all activities on Instagram.

It gives you the ability to read all sent and received text messages sent in Instagram direct. It also enables you to look through shared links and texts. Thus, you can know who your loved one is chatting with and prevent unwanted communication. If you find out any suspicious activities on this popular social network, you can restrict your kid’s access to it.

Chamspy app

This fantastic tool covers various social media apps like Facebook, Tinder, WhatsApp, Hangouts and more. Other than that, you’ll be able to create your own keyword to get notified if inappropriate keywords are used on target device. You can easily know whether your kids are searching for information on sex, porn, drug, violence and more.

Particularly, this app works in stealth mode without any notification. You can spy on someone’s Instagram activity without the knowledge of the owner. It neither drain much battery or slow down the phone.

How to prevent Instagram from being hacked

It’s advisable to take some precautions to prevent Instagram from being hacked. You’d better create a strong password with combination of upper and lower case letters with numbers. Moreover, remember to log out your account whenever you finish using it and do not install unknown apps.


After reviewing the main methods to spy on someones Instagram activity, we conclude that using a spy app like Chamspy is the best solution. It empowers to you view all necessary information and prevent unwanted communication without their knowledge. Just go ahead and track target phone activities.

chamspy app

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