How to track internet history on cell phone?

chamspy app

Tracking internet history on cell phone is one of the frequently researched topics. The internet gives us easy access to various information and meanwhile it is easy to obtain large amount of harmful content. This problem worries us because it’s hard to know what our loved ones are browsing on the internet. Considering this, we would make you aware of how to track internet history on cell phone.

track internet history on cell phone

Way 1. Track internet history with phone monitoring app

The most suggested and effective way to track internet history is by phone monitoring app. Among them, Chamspy is a reliable and advanced app that offers website tracking and stealth mode so you can track internet history without being detected by others.

It is available with both Android and iOS devices. All you need to do is register your account with email and install the app on target device. When the process is completed, you can start tracking internet history.

With Chamspy, you’ll be able to read a detailed overview about someone’s internet usage. Every browser history is attached with the time and date stamps, visit frequency, website URL and bookmark. If the person happens to clear his browsing history, you still can get access to it by logging in to your account.

Track internet history with phone monitoring app

Other than that, it tracks the internet history in real-time. If the target is visiting a website at this very moment, you’ll see it happening before your eyes. This powerful tool also enables you to track location in real-time, call logs, calendar activities, text messages, keyword and much more.

Way 2. Free ways to track internet history

Alternatively, you can track internet history on browser. Chrome is the default browser for Android user and comes with tons of features. There is not much difference on how to check history on Google Chrome, Firefox. Steps to track internet history on Chrome are as follows:

Step 1. Launch Chrome on the device and go to its menu. Tap on “History” option

Step 2. It will provide a detailed browsing history of the device

Free ways to track internet history

You can delete it by tapping on the “Clear browsing history” option. It allows you to clear the browsing history, cookies, saved passwords, etc. After confirming your choice, tap on the “Clear data” button. However, for iPhone users, you should learn how to check internet history on Safari.

Step 1. Open Safari browser app on iPhone

Step 2. Tap Bookmark icon located on the bottom bar

Step 3. Tap the History button

Step 4. View browsing history

However, they could delete their history and data by selecting “Clear” on bottom right and deleting data from one hour ago, all day, yesterday or all time.

Way 3. Track internet history through IP address

Step 1. Open a command window, press Windows + R key

Step 2. Type cmd in the box and tap OK

Step 3. Type ipconfig/all and tap Enter key to execute the command

Step 4. You will get your IP address under the line Default Gateway

Step 5. Copy your IP address value to a browser

Step 6. Login with your WiFi router account when prompted

Step 7. Once you login your WiFi router website, you can click on Outgoing Log Table to view the browsing history.

Can I access deleted browsing history?

If you have a Google account and have Web & App activity turned on, you can access deleted browsing history. You just need to open Google and go to Activity controls page. Then login with your Google account and click Manage your activity controls to view searches you’ve done, websites you’ve visited.

Or you can access deleted browsing history by phone monitoring app like Chamspy. It allows you to view deleted browsing history by logging in to your account.

Why you need to track browsing history?

By tracking browsing history, track internet history at an early age and if they are going through a severe dilemma. Likewise, you can have a clue about what does your partner search for online and if he/she is cheating on you. For employers, it saves a lot of trouble to watch over employees. You can know if the employees are slack off during office hours.


The best possible ways to track internet history on cell phone have been written above for better quality of the things. You can follow the instructions to make it best for you. However, our first-choice is Chamspy as it does an excellent job of tracking internet history. You can get necessary information and protect your loved ones from online threats.

chamspy app

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