How to turn off parental control on iPhone?

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iOS devices come with built-in parental control features for parents to keep kids from accessing age-restricted applications, content and features. However, if you forget the parental control passcode on your iPhone, you won’t be able to access the locked apps and settings. If you are curious how to turn off parental control on iPhone, you can find the answer in this article. Scroll down the blog and see how it works.

How can iPhone parental control help us?

Apple devices offer users native features Restrictions to set up parental control and mange what their kids do on the phone. This feature comes with iOS 12 and provides you with various options to set restrictions. Parents can restrict kids’ access to apps like Safari, Siri, App Store, put restrictions on the purchase of adult content and add certain websites to the block list. You’re also given option to set time limitations on the device and apps.

How to disable parental control on iPhone with the passcode?

All your settings are protected by a passcode that you need to enter each time you want to make a change to your restrictions. If you can recall the passcode you had used when enabling the parental controls, you’ll be able to easily turn off parental controls. Follow the steps to remove iPhone parental control with the passcode.

For iOS 11 or earlier:

Step 1. Open Settings > General > Restrictions

Step 2. Enter your passcode you set before

Step 3. Select Disable Restrictions and then enter your passcode again to complete the whole process

For iOS 12:

Step 1. Launch Settings app and tap Screen Time

Step 2. Select Turn off Screen Time

Step 3. Enter the passcode you set before and tap Turn off screen time again to make a confirmation. Then the screen time passcode will be removed completely.

How to disable parental control on iPhone without the passcode?

Even if you do not remember the parental control passcode, you still can remove the settings. The most hassle-free way to disable iPhone parental controls without the passcode is by factory resetting the device. Your device will be resorted to its default settings and it will overwrite all the saved restrictions. However, it will delete the existing data on your deceive as well. Please do the backup work in advance.

Step 1. On your iOS device, launch Settings app and tap General

Step 2. Tap Reset and choose Erase all content and settings

Step 3. Enter your phone’s passcode and tap on Erase iPhone twice to complete the whole process.

How to prevent your kid from disabling iPhone parental control?

iPhone Restrictions lets you set up parental control and protect your kids from accessing harmful content. However, kids can easily turn off these settings even if they don’t have the passcode. Luckily for you, technology has made things much easier. Kids cannot remove the parental controls implemented by Chamspy.

It comes packed with various features for parents to keep an eye on kids’ phone activities and identify signs of digital dangers like cyberbullying, phishing, sexting and more. You can get peace of mind that kids are safe online by using this app. Take a look of Chamspy features:

  • Access installed app and block certain apps
  • Check call logs and block unwanted calls
  • View browser history along with website URL and timestamps
  • Monitor social media apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Tinder and more
  • Read all sent and received messages including deleted ones
  • Record every keystroke to access search phrases and shared messages
  • Track live location and set geofence alert

Using Chamspy, you can get complete control over target device. All you need to do is register your account with email, add the target’s iCloud details and disable the two-factor authentication. When the process is completed, log in to your account and start your journey to parental control.

You are in full control over the data as user’s data are highly encrypted to protect them from being leaked. No one will be able to access the data except you. Thus, you can take advantage of this app without any worries.


Parental controls let parents manage what their kids can access. However, kids can easily turn off parental control on iPhone by using the follow methods. If you want to prevent kids from disabling the settings, you need to opt for a parental control app like Chamspy. You’ll get full control over target device and secure kids from dangerous situation.

chamspy app

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