How to turn on parental controls on iPad?

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In the digital age, children are glued to their phone screen and addicted to smart devices, especially to iPad or iPhone. They are curious to know about everything and adventurous in various activities. Parents may feel the need to turn on parental control and avoid potential dangers. In the following guide, we’re going to show you how to turn on parental controls on iPad.

turn on parental controls on iPad

How to turn on iPad parental controls via Restrictions?

Restrictions is an inbuilt parental control feature of Apple devices running iOS 12 and higher. By enabling this feature, you’ll be able to control and manage what your child does on their device. Follow the step-by-step instructions to turn on Restrictions on iPad:

Step 1. Launch Settings from your Home screen

Step 2. Tap Screen Time

Step 3. Tap to set a Screen Time passcode and enter a four-digit passcode

turn on iPad parental controls via Restrictions

Step 4. Tap Content&Privacy Restrictions

Step 5. Enter your passcode.

Now you will need to spend time customizing the allowances and restrictions. You can tap “content restrictions” and set limits on the type of media your child can play on their iPad. For instance, you can filter by ratings for music, podcasts, movies, TV shows, books and more.

If you scroll down further, you can see options to prevent your child without the passcode from making in-app purchases or installing or deleting apps. Moreover, you can also enable Allowed apps setting to allow or block access to programs. Once enabled, the restricted apps won’t appear on the child’s iPad.

How to turn off iPad parental controls?

The process of turning off iPad parental control is very simple, and no technical skill is required. Here’s how you can do it with the passcode:

Step 1. Open the Settings and tap Screen Time

Step 2. Tap Turn off Screen Time

Step 3. Enter the passcode and tap Turn off the screen time

If you don’t recall the passcode, you still can disable this feature by restoring as a new device. If your last backup is from before the restrictions were enabled, you can restore from backup. Otherwise, you have to restore as a new device. However, this method will delete all data and content on your phone, including videos, contacts, photos and calendar information. Steps to disable parental control without the passcode are as follows:

Step 1. Open iTunes on your computer

Step 2. Connect your device to your computer and select your iPad

Step 3. Tap on Summary and select the Restore option

Step 4. Do not back up your settings when prompted, as it will only backup the restrictions you are trying to remove

Step 5. Select the restore option. When the restoration process finishes, the parental controls have been disabled and you need to set your iPad as new.

How to turn on iPad parental controls via third-party app?

If you are using the Restrictions feature of iOS devices, your child will be able to turn off the parental controls setting as long as they have the passcode. Even if they don’t have the passcode, they can factory reset the iPad to get back control of it. That’s where parental control apps come in. They can prevent your child from disabling the parental control and add a layer of protection.

Among all available options, we would like to recommend Chamspy. This powerful tool is compatible with iOS 9.x to iOS12.4 x. It is specially designed for parents to manage their child’s online activities in hidden mode. Its extraordinary features help parents protect children from numerous online risks or cybercrimes.

App control: If your children are obsessing with games and social media, you can use Chamspy to restrict their access to certain apps.

turn on iPad parental controls via third-party app

Keyword alert: You can create your keyword to get notified if your child are searching information on sex, drug, porn, violence.

Location service: Parents can track live location and set virtual boundaries for target device. If your child enters or leaves a designated area, you will receive a notification.

SMS tracker: It gives you access to all sent and received text messages, including those deleted ones.

Stealth mode: It runs in the background without any notification. Your child won’t find out and disable the settings.

These are glimpse of Chamspy features. You can download it and enjoy its benefits. All you need to do is register your account with email and install the app on target device following the instructions. Once completed, log in to your account and monitor child’s events.


As you can see, children can be addicted to smart devices and come across harmful content. It becomes necessary to turn on parental control on iPad so as to secure them from various online threats. Simply follow the above methods you can manage what your child does on the phone. If you want to prevent your child from disabling the settings, parental control app like Chamspy can do the right job for you.

chamspy app

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