How to use AT&T family map?

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Technology and digitalization is the need for the day but it should be used in a controlled manner. Specially, AT&T family map helps keep an close eye on your kids and ensure their safety and security. Using this reliable app is the best thing but not many people know how to use AT&T family map. In the following guide, we’re going to talk about how AT&T family map can help you.

What is AT&T family map app?

AT&T family map is a versatile app, focused on keeping your family safe in both the physical and online worlds. With the extensive use of smartphone, AT&T family map addresses appropriate content filtering, regulating screen time and providing location services for family members.

With the help of AT&T family map, you’ll be able to track kid’s location and receive arrival and departure alerts when they leave places like home or school. No more wondering if your kid is on the way home or risks going to places they shouldn’t. kids can also send their location to their parents along with messages to anyone in their contact book.

AT&T family map app

Other than that, you can customize settings for each family member. Its age appropriate settings take the time and guesswork out of filtering content. There are four age appropriate filter options to choose from based on the age range of each kid.

This app works on any device with a 10-digit number and an AT&T connection whether it is a mobile phone, tablet, computer, etc. Up to 10 phone lines can be traced using a single account. However, the devices to be monitored must always be AT&T network and must have internet access. Moreover, a phone with WAP browser, Windows and Blackberry phones are not supported.

How to use AT&T family map?

To start tracking a device, you should enable its GPS feature. You can either get the app installed or simply log in to Family Map online. You can get a temporary password on your registered mobile number after signing up using the wireless number. Make sure you add a new device to the option called “Family circle”. Then click on the option “add”. You will see that a notification is sent to target device, which will be monitored through the Family Map.

Now, click on the option “join AT&T family map”. It appears in the form of a link on the target device. Then sign in to the account you have created in order to track the device. You should do the same whenever you want to know the whereabouts of target user. Selecting the option called “Locate” will do the job for you.

Is there an alternative to AT&T family map?

AT&T family map is a decent tools that allows you to locate your family member and ensure their safety. However, if you are searching for a better alternative to this option, you can use Chamspy with more power. It is a feature-rich and reliable parental control app that gives you every piece of information on target device.

With Chamspy, you can track the location of target device in real-time and view location history. It also enables you to set geofence perimeter and you will receive alerts when your kid crosses the boundaries. Moreover, you can use the same tool to monitor pretty much all the activities that take place.

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This powerful tool is capable of tracking call logs, text messages, videos, photos, browser history, social media apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instargam and much more. It also capture every stroke on target device so you can access shared messages and search phrases. If you detect any inappropriate activities, you can simply block certain apps or calls. It requires rooting or jailbreaking to use advanced features.

In particular, it works in incognito mode so that you can keep track of target phone activities without being found. This lightweight parental control app doesn’t take up much space or slow down the phone. You can make use of it without any hassle.

How to use Chamspy parental control software?

To utilize this fantastic tool, you need to register your account with email and install the app on target device following the instructions. When the process is completed, log in to your account and track phone activities. On the left pane, you can easily navigate to relevant features and get necessary information.


AT&T family map is one of the most reliable family locator that helps locate your family members and ensure their safety. If you are wondering how to use AT&T family map, just follow the above instructions. To gain a complete control over target device, you can try parental control app like Chamspy and keep track of their phone activities.

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