How to use sprint family locator?

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In the present age, it’s a tough job for parents to know what their kids are up to and where they are. After all, it’s impossible for you to always hold their hands and follow them around. But how do you ensure their safety when you’re apart? Luckily enough, sprint family locator track the location of your family member and gives you peace of mind. If you wonder how to use sprint family locator, scroll down the blog and learn how to do it.

sprint family locator

Sprint family locator review

Sprint family locator is a feature offered by the network that can track the phone location on a family cell plan. Parents can quickly locate kids’ whereabouts and ensure their safety. You can program it to alert you of the phone’s location at specific times and to text the person with the phone. It differs from other locator apps in that it is driven from within the network. It uses the Sprint network and the phone’s GPS to calculate the position of the phone.


  • No need to install the app to track the phone
  • Track up to 4 sprint devices
  • Automatic security checks
  • Password protected
  • Offer 15-day free trial


  • The compatibility is primarily limited to Sprint phones
  • Requires internet access
  • GPS isn’t always accurate
  • It notifies the phone user that they are being tracked
  • Anyone with login can track your family

Sprint family locator review

How to use Sprint family locator app?

As we mentioned before, this program runs without a need for installation. You do not have to download any software. Though the app is available on Google Store, you may choose not to download it.

To track location of your family member, you must sign up for the Sprint Family Locator. This would suggest you with the next steps and help you complete the account creation process. You must use the parent phone number as the username and set the password to finish signing up.

Sprint family locator lets you add the phones of your family members. Also, you can add names to the locations. To check the location of a specific phone, you just need to add it to your account, select the device and the location would be displayed.

How much does sprint family locator cost?

The decision to give the family locator a try may prove to be a difficult one. That’s why you have the opportunity to enjoy a 15 days free trial to decide if sprint family locator is worth investing in. After free trial, you need to get its premium plan to use the service. The program for up to five devices is available at $5.99 per month. The amount will be added to your bill cycle every month unless you stop using the application. If you want to track more devices, you have to purchase additional plan.

Alternative app to sprint family locator -Chamspy

After reviewing the sprint family locator app, we have concluded that it is worth investing in if you are a parent who want to track the location of kids and ensure their safety. However, this app does not provide you with various options dedicated to parental control apps.

Apart from location tracking, parental control apps keep an eye on kid’s online activities and gives parents peace of mind. In particular, Chamspy is one of the best parental control apps that is perfect to be used in place of sprint family locator.

This fantastic tool allows you to track live location and view location history. You can check location time, address, latitude and longitude. Thus, you can know where exactly your kids has been. You also can set geofence for target device and receive alert when your kids enter or leave target area. This feature is pretty useful in emergency case.

Alternative app to sprint family locator -Chamspy

Other than that, it helps discover the location by tracking Wi-Fi hotspots connected to target device. You can view connection details and identify the most visited place. To better set up parental control, parents can block certain apps, track calendar activities, restrict unwanted calls, monitor social media apps and much more.

By tracking the online activities, you can get necessary information and protect kids from online threats like cyberbullying, online predators, sexting and phishing. For example, parents can identify potential dangers by tracking keywords. If inappropriate keywords like porn, sex, drug are used on your kid’s phone, you can get instant notification.

This app is compatible with all Android and iOS devices. All you need to do is register your account with email and install app on target device. When the process is completed, log into your account and track online activities.

Final thoughts

The safety and security of kids are top priority for parents. Sprint family locator helps parents have a better sense of kids’ whereabouts when they’re apart. If you want to know how to use sprint family locator, just follow the above instructions. However, if you want to track specific activities, Chamspy parental control app comes in handy.

chamspy app

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