StealthGenie for Android

Update: The StealthGenie SMS tracker is no longer available. However, there are several other SMS spy software to choose from. Learn more..

StealthGenie for AndroidStealthGenie is a state of the art SMS spying application. The software can be installed on most smartphones including Android, iPhone, and BlackBerry. However, there are several smartphone models that are not compatible with StealthGenie. Compare your phone to the list of StealthGenie’s supported devices to see if the software will work on the phone you wish to monitor. Once the software is installed it will run as a hidden process on the target’s phone and it will periodically send logs of cell phone use to Stealth Genie’s servers for you to monitor.

Key Features of StealthGenie

There are many sms tracking applications on the market today but few have the number of features that StealthGenie provides. For instance, not only will you be able to track incoming calls and texts but you can monitor internet browsing use and track the location of the phone at all times. The team responsible for developing Stealth Genie are young and ambitious – they have put an incredible amount of energy into creating the ultimate Android spying application.

One feature that is unique to Stealth Genie is the “safe zone” area. The feature allows you to set a radius within a certain city or area as the designated “safe” area. If the Android phone is taken out of the “safe” zone you will receive a notification. This feature is great for tracking people’s movements. For example, if your son said he would go to school, and school is in your “safe” zone, but he goes somewhere else, you will be notified. Additionally, most SMS tracker applications only allow you to spy on text messages but Stealth Genie allows you to spy on Whatsapp, iMessages, and Google Chats.

StealthGenie Geo Fencing Feature

How to Install Stealth Genie

The installation process for Stealth Genie varies depending on the phone you wish to install it on. However, the installation process is relatively simple and you can have the program up and running in less than 10 minutes, even if you are not particularly tech savvy. Regardless, if you want to install the StealthGenie SMS tracker, you will need to access your target’s phone. If you want to install Stealth Genie on an iPhone you will first need to jailbreak the iPhone. Once you jailbreak the phone, it will be susceptible to viruses if you download the wrong applications from the unverified app store. So be careful not to go on a download spree and download every new app you find just because it is free.

Regardless, many users recommend jail breaking an iPhone because it allows you to customize the operating system and download additional applications for free. Apple continues to make its operating system stricter – some people do not like these restrictions and prefer to customize their phone as they please which is why jail breaking became popular. You won’t be able to install Stealth Genie on an iPhone unless you jailbreak it first. Of course, be mindful when you decide to jailbreak your phone. It could void the warranty on your phone.

Installing Stealth Genie on an Android smart phone is much easier. You can download the application directly from the Play Store; just make sure to check “allow apps from unknown sources”.

StealthGenie Download

Will Your Target Know You are Spying on Them?

Not unless they are incredibly tech savvy. The application will silently run in the background of the phone and it will be renamed which will make it very difficult to spot. Your target will have no idea that you are spying on them.

So if you are looking for an android spying software to monitor the activities of a particular person, StealthGenie SMS tracker for Android is highly recommended. It will give you insight into almost every aspect of a person’s life – so use at your own risk.