What to do to let children go to school alone?

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Is your child ready to go to school alone? Does she think she is old enough to be independent, but you are afraid? It is natural for parents to worry about their children’s safety. As they grow up, they want to do something by themselves, such as privacy, trust and smart phones! There are many dangers on the road, and letting children go to school alone means that parents have no way to track their children’s location, which will only increase parents’ worries.

How to let children go to school alone with confidence?


Children may meet strangers or become a little naughty and decide to explore places they shouldn’t go. But at some point, you have to let them grow. Therefore, if you decide to let them go to school alone or with classmates, you can check their specific location by locating their mobile phones to see if they arrive at school at the specified time.

By using “Find My Phone”, you can easily locate your children’s whereabouts and see them arrive at school or not. It allows you to track them and catch any unusual activities. In this way, you can know whether your child has the ability to go to school alone, or whether he will skip class and do other things without telling you. To locate your children’s whereabouts, you just need to follow these step:

Step 1. Visit find-my-phone.org

Step 2. Select the country and type in the phone number

Step 3. Validate the information

Step 4. Receive the email showing the location


Establish rules


Before allowing them to go, establish some rules for going to school alone. The most important ones include not trusting strangers, not going to places they don’t know, and the curfew time for going home. Set penalties for violations, but do not impose heavy penalties. This may affect their confidence. If there is a big problem, they may not come to you.


Professor independence


When they were young, you could begin to give them small independent assignments. Start with small tasks such as locking the door, setting the table, and wearing your seat belt. And then improve their level as they grow up. Tell them what to do, tell them you trust them, and then see what they do. Don’t forget to appreciate it.


See what they know


Take them to test drive and check their knowledge. This is for your own benefit. You don’t have to make a mountain out of a molehill to make them nervous. Ask them if they are in charge and see how they perform their tasks. If they have difficulty remembering signs and ways, help them remember through different landmarks around their home and school.


Let children become navigators


When sitting in cars and subways, let them lead the way, so that they can know the road and train route. This is a good way to know their whereabouts and the basic rules of public transportation. This is another way to make them feel independent and build confidence.




It is very important that you trust your children completely. They need it to grow and prepare for their future life. You may be a little worried about them going to school alone, but you can solve this problem by using “Find My Phone”. For the sake of safety, parents have the legal right to view their children’s location information. However, before you use the location tracking service, it is best to talk to your children and tell them your intention to use this technology. Locating your child’s whereabouts also helps to communicate. If you know where your child is, you don’t have to call them all the time. This can save time and energy and strengthen family cohesion. So let them go to school alone and let them enjoy their growth!

chamspy app

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