When you should and shouldn’t share your location?

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Having a smartphone with location sharing system turned on can be a useful instrument to save you during an emergency. Location sharing gives emergency personnel and your family instant access to where you’re in case anything goes wrong. Over the years, technology companies have provided people with different ways to tell each other where they are. however, all popular location sharing tools are limited or defective, and in some cases sharing your location may not be worth your effort or drain your phone battery life. Worse, location tracking raises a number of privacy questions about who can spy on your whereabouts. Today, Let’s talk when you should and shouldn’t share your location.

What is the best times to share your location?

The location tracking feature has sparked controversy over the past decade. Location tracking technology, says the nonprofit Electronic Privacy Information Center, enables law enforcement agencies to monitor people’s movements or advertisers to link people’s online activities to their true identity.

In other words, accidentally using, location sharing services may hurt your privacy. But if used properly, it can be a powerful and efficient communication tool.

When you make plans to meet friends somewhere like a movie theater, get in the habit of sharing your location through Apple’s iMessage, Google Maps or Facebook Messenger to broadcast your location for a short duration, like an hour. This way you can skip saying things like “I’m on my way” or “I’m running a few minutes behind” because people can simply follow you on the map.

Consider using Apple’s “Find My Friends”, face letters make or google maps to occasionally share your location with your partner. Location sharing is useful for considering partner time and space. For example, when I see my partner is driving on the highway, I don’t like texting him very much. However, I prefer texting when I see him in the grocery store and let him get something.

Parents who have caved in to buying a smartphone for their child at a young age might consider using “Find My Friends” to see their child’s location for safety purposes. If you are paranoid about third parties constantly tracking your child’s location, rest assured that Apple’s privacy policy says location data is stored on servers in an encrypted format for only two hours before it is deleted.

Next time you plan an event at a large outdoor space, like a picnic in a park, do your friends a favor: Use Apple Maps or Facebook Messenger to drop a pin on a map with your current location so they can find you. Because you would become annoying if you wandering around aimlessly in a crowded open space.

When you shouldnt share your location?

While it may sound great to using a real-time location sharing system, it’s not highly recommended. There are some situations where sharing your location would be undesirable.

Don’t share your location when meeting in an indoor space like a particular store in a mall. Most map applications are not yet designed for interior space and are therefore not suitable for location sharing.

Meanwhile, don’t bother sharing your location on a natural hike. For example, most national parks are located in remote areas without mobile phone connections, so opening location sharing in this case can waste battery life.

Parents should ensure that children do not share their position with strangers or bullies. with iPhones, you can create restrictions that prohibit your child from changing settings or adding followers in find my friend. For Android phones, sign up to use Google’s parent control tool, Home Link, to manage children’s location sharing settings. Parent control settings can prevent Snapchat and other applications from being installed together.

You should not share real-time location unless you are an adult and make a decision that you feel safe. Many real-time tracking options on Google Facebook smartphones can unlock options and share your real-time location with friends and family indefinitely, which can cause problems if you break up with friends. They can still locate you in other dangers.

Final Thoughts

Being able to pay close attention to family and friends is one of the amazing advances in technology. This helps to ease our worries and stress when your child gets a driver’s license or the first job. This helps to ease your worries when your old relatives live far away or alone and need someone to take care of them. The benefits of location tracking are far outweigh the dangers when you’re sharing your location that keeps it as secure as possible and only shares reliable real-time location with specified people.

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